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As cargo theft continues to rise, experts advise on prevention

By February 6, 2023March 3rd, 2023No Comments

Shippers and carriers should be vigilant as new data shows 2022 saw an increase in cargo theft from the year prior, and experts indicated it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

Theft prevention and recovery network CargoNet has reported that almost 1,800 theft claims were made by its members last year—an increase of 15% from 2021, which saw fewer than 1,300 incidents reported.

“You’re coming out of 2022 with severe momentum,” said Scott Cornell, transportation lead and crime and theft specialist at Travelers, adding that the data has been heading in this direction for several quarters.

“The amount of stuff that’s going on right now, it’s just fast. It’s crazy, very intense, very frequent.”

The most-targeted locations have changed, as well. Truck stops were the highest-risk areas in 2021, followed by warehouses and distribution centers. In 2022, warehouses and distribution centers took the top spot, with parking lots coming in second.

Danny Ramon, intelligence and response manager at supply chain risk management company Overhaul, noted an increase in high-value pilferages when cargo is stolen from a trailer, as opposed to the trailer itself being stolen.