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The LoadStar
May 2, 2023
Ian Putzger

Paul Brashier, VP of drayage and intermodal at ITS Logistics, said: “We are huge proponents of less emissions and a cleaner environment, but we’re not ready. We’re looking to electrify about 170,000 trucks. There’s not enough power in the grid to support that.”

Ports and terminals have yet to install charging infrastructure for electric trucks, he pointed out and said it was questionable whether enough trucks would be available in the coming years to meet “CARB’s lofty goals”

Drayage operators will be first in line to feel the impact of the new rules, when for them, from next January, only electric trucks will be eligible for new registration. Trucks with internal combustion engines in their fleets will be able to operate “through their useful’ life” – either until they hit 800,000 miles or become 18 years old.

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