Regions Serviced by ITS Logistics

ITS Logistics is more than a 3PL.

We are a company that was built on hard work and perseverance. We strive to demonstrate respect, integrity and compassion in everything that we do. Because we are committed to the company culture we have curated, as well as the loyal clients and employees that makes ITS Logistics such a close-knit family, we are extremely proud of who we are, and how far we have we come.


From the humble beginnings of two trucks in a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse, to a $1 million company in the first full year, ITS Logistics is proud to service the region and expand from Reno, Nevada, to Sparks, Nevada, both Ontario and Fontana, California, as well as Phoenix, Arizona.


Founded by CEO Jeff Lynch, COO Darryl Bader, and CFO Dan Allen, that first dedicated agreement with CLIF Bar began a successful journey to growth and expansion for our company and the services we provide. Each of our locations was selected for specific reasons, and all choices are driven by our need to ensure that our network is servicing as much of the West Coast and beyond, as possible.


Outsourcing e-commerce warehousing to a 3PL like ITS Logistics has many benefits for a scaling business, and the regions we service were expertly selected so that our teams could provide all necessary operational tasks quicker and more efficiently than any other 3PL. ITS Logistics will provide long-term support and guidance in your 3PL. Learn more about the many benefits of a 3PL in Reno/Sparks.

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Distribution, Fulfillment, WarehousingSparks, NV

Freight BrokerageReno, NV

Fleet OperationsOntario, CA

Fleet Operations | Fontana, CA

Fleet OperationsPhoenix, AZ