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Take a behind the scenes look at how ITS Logistics helps our e-commerce customer handle peak holiday season on Cyber Monday.

A local company is in partnership with an online store that has some of the most curious and creative stuff on the web. Inside the massive ITS Logistics warehouse in Sparks, there’s a hub for the weird and the wonderful. “It solves a problem you didn’t know you had until you’ve found what we sell,” said Lee Griffin, Senior Manager of Operations at Uncommongoods.

For instance, say someone wants a cold beer after bringing home a warm six pack, or a special tray to help shell pistachios, Uncommongoods has the solutions! Uncommongoods is headquartered out of Brooklyn, New York, and ships their unique goods for people on the west coast through ITS Logistics. “We can hit seven west coast states in a day or two,” said Ryan Martin, President of Distribution at ITS Logistics. “Which makes it very advantageous for east coast based companies to have a west coast hub.”

ITS Logistics has been jumping into the e-commerce distribution industry and is looking to partner with similar online businesses. “A lot of retailers and e-commerce providers are moving to Reno because this is a great distribution hub,” said Martin. Uncommongoods has their biggest day on Cyber Monday. “Cyber Monday is 30 times the average day during the year,” said Martin.


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