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Chief Technology Officer

Job Description


The Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) will be a key member of the executive management team and will be responsible for directing and managing all aspects of the company’s process innovation/automation and custom application development using Lean Portfolio Management (or other Best-in-Class management process) principles in support of ITS’s business operations. This includes developing short and long-range plans for the effective technology management of the organization and leading a quickly growing IT Department.


The CTO will report to the CEO and will work closely with the executive team to position the firm for continued growth.  This person will add value as a key business partner to the CEO/executive team and strengthen the business through technology and process innovation.  Our CTO will continually survey the technology landscape and incorporate new technologies into the existing strategy and platforms.



Key Focus Areas of the CTO:


  1. Technology Vision and Strategy – Driven by alignment of our vision: Improving quality of life by delivering excellence in everything we do.  Driving success through efficient and effective technology solutions.  In a rapidly developing company and industry landscape (“feels like an arms race”) with high level of innovation, our CTO must possess the desire to be a game changer while also recognizing the value of business stability, consistency, and frugality.
  2. Organizational Alignment – Proven track record of successfully aligning with multiple business stakeholders on technology development strategies as well as within company Culture and Values.
  3. Business Process Innovation – Has a passion for automation and empowering human capital efforts. Quickly develop an understanding of our current business processes and lead collaborative innovation that results in a more efficient operation.
  4. User Interface and User Experience – Our CTO will have a proven track record of delivering great user experiences through technology.
  5. Freight Visibility and Transparency – Understand the importance and have a passion for delivering visibility of goods movements in supply chains.
  6. Build vs. Buy analysis – Determine the right mix of custom vs. off the shelf products and tools that are interconnected and feel like one ecosystem to our stakeholders (team members, customers, vendors).
  7. Custom Application Development/Support – Effectively understand requirements and deliver value added custom applications and deployments on time and on budget.
  8. Data/Cyber Security – Partner with security team to ensure our and our business partner information is safe, ITS has best in class certifications and processes, while maintaining our fast and flexible style as best as possible.
  9. Effective Project Management – Establish and maintain project plans and budgets, clearly communicate progress toward goals, lead external vendors effectively, and transparently collaborate with business constituents to ensure alignment.


Our associates enjoy a strong sense of teamwork, community, career growth, and work/life balance. We actively seek team members who will add value to the business and strength to our culture. Treating others with respect and compassion is at the core of the ITS philosophy. We provide a safe and positive working environment for our employees and offer opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. This belief also extends to our community, where we work to provide economic stability through quality employment opportunities and give back whenever we can.


  • Highly competitive compensation
  • Multi-tiered health insurance package + Dental and Vision options
  • Paid time off
  • 401k with company match
  • Wellness program
  • Free and discounted gym and fitness memberships

Job Requirements

Education/Experience Requirements

Candidate Criteria


In addition to passion for ITS’s culture and values, the ideal candidate will bring 10+ years of experience in technology leadership, preferably within a multi-business unit environment. Our chosen candidate will have proven leadership, strategy, management, and organizational skills, particularly while working within a fast-paced organization. Our CTO will be a hands-on leader with experience managing the business process efficiency function and risk functions within a growing organization. Other requirements we are seeking include:


  • Exceptional organizational leader
    • Collaborative, effective communicator and relationship developer
    • Leads with integrity and humility
    • Proven developer of highly productive and deep bench strength
    • Sets a great example of work ethic and accountability
    • Creative, customer centric problem solver
    • Embraces and evangelizes ITS Logistics’ culture and way of doing business
  • Experience leading business process efficiency tools and sticky stakeholder technology integrations in a Transportation/Supply Chain Services business
    • Expertise, or at minimum a baseline understanding, in Intermodal and Drayage operations/industry preferred
  • Partner with the CEO and Senior Leaders in redefining what’s possible in terms of innovation, technology, quality, and speed to market
  • Effective at identifying and partnering with business operations to implement strategies that deliver top and bottom-line business improvement
  • Ability to evangelize and train the SAFe/Lean Portfolio Management or similar methodology in simple terms that can be adopted across an organization
  • Proven experience, working in conjunction with a FP&A team (along with private equity Board of Directors), managing a technology budget and human capital plan including flexible consulting or outsourced labor relationships
    • Determine the investments necessary in terms of people and technology, and manage within approved budgets
  • Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work within changing priorities with enthusiasm. A roll-up-the-sleeves attitude and a hands-on approach
  • Proven experience in effectively gathering requirements and delivering technology projects on time and on budget
  • Ability to listen, assess, observe, and leverage experience to drive unique and creative solutions



ITS Culture/Leadership Competencies:


  • Integrity: Is widely trusted; is seen as a direct, truthful individual; can present the unvarnished truth in a manner that influences; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; doesn’t misrepresent themselves for personal gain/No Ego
  • Find-A-Way Attitude: Sees situations with a realistic view but possesses an unwavering attitude to get things done no matter the challenge. Handles adversity extremely well.  See problems as opportunities. Has a can-do mindset.
  • Process Minded: Identifies and implements scalable processes.  Has great balance in process implementation vs. over-doing processes and slowing business.
  • Adaptable and Coachable: Highly resilient and adaptable to changes. Is not rigid or tied to past experiences or weaknesses. Accepts direct and at times challenging feedback in front of peers. Will readily embrace new realities and ideas that can produce better results.
  • Functional Mastery: Demonstrates mastery of functional and technical skills necessary for their role. Invests in learning more and getting better.  Is the most knowledgeable for their specific area.
  • Sense of Urgency, Responsiveness: Consistently produces desired outcomes and business results with speed while pushing many different initiatives. Balances quality with speed. Communicates directly and quickly.
  • Manage Effectively: Demonstrates managerial mastery. Effectively directs, oversees, and leads people. Knowledgeable of policies and procedures. Drives performance, reduces risk, and develops strong bonds with team members.
  • Live the Values & C’s: Is a personification of our values. Talks the talk and walks the walk.  The 7 Cs (Culture Driven, Contagious, Consistent, Communicates, Connects, Committed, and Cares), Excellence and Results driven, People first, Compassionate Leadership, Strong Work Ethic.
  • Recruit & Develop Talent: Identifies and develops talent; especially everyone around them including direct reports: Mentors, coaches, holds accountable and makes them better quickly.
  • Inspires and Motivates: Knows how to engage, inspire, and motivate teams. Passionate about the company’s vision, mission, and purpose. Someone people want to follow.
  • Enterprise Mindset: Leads across the entire business. Is not siloed or overly focused on their respective functional areas. Helps other leaders and holds them accountable for the overall success.
  • Strategic Planning and Execution: The ability to develop and execute strategic plans that help drive the business forward.  Demonstrates continual ability to be high level/strategic, in the weeds when needed, and everything between.

Do you have what it takes to join the ITS team?

At ITS, we can give you a successful career in a trillion-dollar global industry, but what truly makes us different is our culture and values, a unique fast paced work environment, and our ability to work hard and have fun. We’re ranked in the #23 in North America, but we’re only getting started and we need the best talent to keep growing. Watch our video to learn more about what it’s like to work at ITS

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