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How businesses try to save dollars against pump prices

In 2021, drivers for ITS Logistics logged 14.5 million miles hauling freight for the Sparks-based third-party logistics provider.



That’s one expensive fuel bill – doubly so in the wake of $5-plus diesel.



As the price of fuel soared – the average nationwide cost for a gallon of diesel was $5.03 in mid-April vs. $3.08 a year ago, AAA reports – regional companies with large fleets and hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment were forced to either re-evaluate their contracts with clients to mitigate the impact of high fuel costs, or watch their profit margins erode.


Two of Northern Nevada’s largest construction and trucking companies, along with a longtime fuel expert, recently spoke with NNBW about existing fuel-saving measures and new avenues they’ve undertaken in the wake of the highest fuel prices on record.