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University excited to be working with ITS Logistics in new partnership

Republished from Nevada Today.

9/7/2018 | By: Hannah Alfaro


The Corporate Partner program is a cornerstone within the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Business. It is through this program that local, regional, national and international businesses engage with and inform students about business practices. Many of the companies in the program recruit College of Business graduates, a testimonial to the quality education and real-world experience students receive while at the college.

Recently, ITS Logistics joined the distinguished list of Corporate Partners. A third party logistics company that began in 1999, ITS Logistics moved its corporate office and primary warehouse to Sparks, Nev. in 2005. The company specializes in logistic solutions with their warehousing and distribution services, as well as a nationwide freight brokerage division. Their brokerage division is based in Downtown Reno, and the workforce includes a multitude of University graduates.

“Corporate Partners have access to talented undergraduate and graduate College of Business students,” Mosier said. “This partnership with ITS Logistics is an excellent opportunity for the University and for students interested in learning more about the company.”

College of Business Corporate Partners help provide critical feedback on the preparedness of the students they work with. They have the opportunity to bring real-world experience and perspectives to students, assist with career development workshops and help collaborate on class projects. They also help provide networking opportunities.

For more information on all the partnerships with the University or on becoming a corporate partner, visit the College of Business’ corporate partner page: