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California congestion nears new high, East Coast gridlock worsens

By August 17, 2021March 3rd, 2023No Comments

It’s only mid-August — the early days of peak shipping season — but the record for container ships anchored off California is already on the verge of being broken.


Port congestion is simultaneously building along the East Coast, with anchorage numbers off Georgia well into the double digits and, for the first time this year, a growing queue offshore of the Port of New York and New Jersey.


Southern California congestion soars

California congestion previously peaked in the first quarter. On Feb. 1, the Marine Exchange of Southern California reported an all-time-high 40 container ships at anchor in San Pedro Bay, awaiting berths in Los Angeles or Long Beach. The highest number of container ships in the entire port complex, including those at anchor and at berth — 67 — was set on Jan. 28.