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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan to Total $2.25 Trillion

By March 31, 2021March 3rd, 2023No Comments

President Joe Biden will unveil a $2.25 trillion U.S. infrastructure plan March 31 — paid for by tax hikes on businesses — that his administration said will prove the most sweeping since investments in the 1960s space program.


The four-part, eight-year plan dedicates $620 billion for transportation, including a doubling in federal funding for public transit. It would provide $650 billion for initiatives tied to improving quality of life at home, like clean water and high-speed broadband. There’s $580 billion for strengthening American manufacturing — some $180 billion of which goes to what’s billed as the biggest non-defense research and development program on record — and $400 billion to address improved care for the elderly and people with disabilities.