Amazon Qualified Ecommerce Fulfillment

Three Reasons Why Your 3PL Needs to Qualify for the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Program


Ecommerce is disrupting the traditional retail world, growing faster than bricks-and-mortar retail and accounting for a growing percentage of consumer dollars. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers, with four out of every $10 spent online in the U.S. being spent with the e-retailer. What’s more, there are 80 million Amazon Prime members, which is 64 percent of U.S. households.


For Amazon online retailers, being a part of the Seller Fulfilled Prime program (Amazon SFP) gives them the ability to post the Amazon Prime badge next to their products fulfilled either from their own facilities or their third-party logistics provider’s facility, which can increase consumer confidence and boost sales. However, e-retailers need to meet Amazon’s stringent standards and ensure they meet the two-day shipping requirements.


ITS Logistics ecommerce fulfillment meets and even surpasses these high standards for the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Program.


Here are three reasons why your 3PL should too:


1. Amazon Has High Standards

Amazon Prime customers have high expectations of service, and Amazon has created strict shipping requirements to ensure customers aren’t disappointed. Providers must be able to provide free shipping with two-day time-in-transit, 98.5 percent of all orders must ship on time, and order cancellations cannot be higher than 1.5 percent.


Amazon monitors the metrics and key performance indicators, which apply to the entire online retailing operation as well as the SKU level, to determine whether or not a product is eligible to display the Amazon Prime badge.


That means service must be reliable. ITS Logistics ecommerce fulfillment meets Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime Standards and can help e-retailers meet Amazon’s requirements in a cost-effective way. With ITS’s ecommerce order fulfillment services, e-retailers benefit from same-day shipping services, pick and pack, drop shopping, order processing and fulfillment and partnerships with small parcel carriers, helping to reduce costs and delivery times.


Plus, ITS can handle returns management, customer notification, and catalog fulfillment. Our strategic location in Reno/Sparks, Nevada, offers overnight access to the largest western cities for fast delivery.


2. Online Retail is Expected to Grow

The upward trend of e-commerce growth is expected to continue, which means e-retailers cannot afford to miss any opportunities within the sector. The National Retail Federation said it expects online retail to grow 8-12 percent, compared to total retail growth of 3.7-4.2 percent in 2017.  Click here for more info from Business Insider.

ITS’s ecommerce fulfillment services provide:

  • End-to-end operations support from the order placement to order delivery and returns
  • Multichannel fulfillment, including ship to store, in-store pickup, direct to consumer
  • Same-day shipping
  • Real-time of feed based integration with order management systems
  • Live interaction with inventory management system for in stock/out of stock feedback
  • Integration to remote ERP systems
  • Real-time visibility to all transactions and inventory
  • Customized shipping programs to minimize the shipping cost
  • Order and shipping confirmation emails
  • International shipping
  • Branded packaging
  • Product customization including build your own product assembly and gift wrapping
  • Shipping performance: all orders scanned to provide near 100% shipping accuracy
  • Other services: quality testing, warranty processing


3. Prime Members Spend More

Prime members spend an average of $1,300 annually with Amazon versus $700 for those without Prime, according to estimates from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners [LINK TO]. For e-retailers, that additional spending can add up. Customers often look for the Prime badge and can even filter their search for Prime-eligible items only.


Simply put, ITS Logistics can ensure your Amazon Prime customers get the two-day shipping they need.

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