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ITS Logistics offers seamless integration of all systems to provide optimal control of your logistics activities.  

ITS Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse solution includes:

  • Inventory Management: multiple units of measure, lot control, catch weights, serial number tracking  
  • Work and Task management: order/location grouping into batches and waves optimizes productivity
  • Cross docking
  • Slotting and optimization: arrange SKUs to accommodate variable demand
  • Value added Services: quality control, rework, special labeling
  • RF/RFID 
  • System Directed Putaway
  • Customization
  • Multiple business rules on SKU level
  • EDI
    - 940/945 warehouse orders
    - 856/943/944 inbounds
    - 947 adjustments
    - 846 stock status
    - 856 ASN
  • Web enabled
    - Web visibility

ITS Transportation Management System

ITS Logistics can manage end-to-end transportation processes – from order entry and dispatch through logistics management and settlement.

Our transportation solution includes:

  • Transportation Planning: optimum mode and carrier selection, economic shipment consolidation 
  • Route planning: optimization of delivery routes to lower costs
  • Transportation management: planning and execution, analysis, modeling
  • Transportation procurement: enhanced carrier selection
  • EDI
    - 204/990 load tenders
    - 214 shipment status
    - 211 motor carrier bill of lading
    - 210 invoice
  • Imaging: electronic document management
  • Web access: web based track solution, documents availability

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