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Sporting Goods

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sporting goods fulfillment and distribution    sporting goods fulfillment and distribution

We are fortunate to be located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. ITS headquarters is minutes from Lake Tahoe and a wide range of other outdoor playgrounds. So although our staff and management work hard, we play hard as well!

The ITS crew enjoys bicycling, motorcycling, fishing, hunting, camping, skiing, and many other outdoor activities. Its easy for us to understand your customers because we probably ARE your customers!

Hey, everyone likes to work with something they are passionate about, so we manage to squeeze out even a little bit more for our recreational products customers. - In particular, our experience with Ritchey Design has given us an understanding of how bicycle manufacturers and bicycle retailers work.

  • We make the effort to LEARN your product, not just sku numbers. We will know what you are talking about when referring to a 700c wheel vs a 26" wheel
  • We know you are constantly challenged to innovate, yet at the same time keep reducing costs. We face similar challenges
  • We are set up to efficiently handle everything from your big truck freight /palleted bulk orders, to individual special order items
  • We can assist in processing returns and warranty merchandise
  • We work with YOU and YOUR needs, we don't 'just ship boxes'. Need to store your tradeshow display in Reno? We can handle that. Need a last minute item shipped to an event? We can take care of that for you.

We understand you need:

  • Radio Frequency (RF). This technology allows for accurate inventory control, systematic audits of orders and receipts
  • EDI (AS1 and AS2) Electronic data interchange between ITS and your railers (i.e. REI) allows for 100% compliance with the retail requirements
  • Online visibility: live visibility to inventory and all transactions;
  • System directed put away for storage efficiency. This technology allows for labor savings by storing the product by velocity and size for picking efficiency
  • Intelligent decision making support: inventory turns
  • Brand management: ensure phased out colors or styled do not enter the market
  • Manage product velocity of ever-expanding range of sizes, styles, colors

Check out a Ritchey Design Case Study here.

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