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Hardware & Tools

ITS understands that having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Although you might be able to rebuild an engine with a hammer and crescent wrench, doesn't mean you should.

ITS is your specialized tool for warehousing and logistics. We've helped many companies like Honeywell, Jensen improve their distribution and fullfillment, streamline their warehousing, and save them money on all their logistics functions.

With our experience in the hardware and tools field, we have a jumpstart on understanding you and your customers. We'll know there is a difference between a ballpeen and framing hammer.

We provide EDI supported distirbution and fulfillment to major retailers:

  • Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware

We also ship to distributors, shops, and your end customers:

  • E-commerce
  • Catalog orders
  • TV orders

We understand your needs:

  • Lot management for brand management and new product introductions
  • Serial number capture on inbound and/or outbound
  • Returns management and disposition
  • Recall
  • Radio Frequency (RF).  This technology allows for accurate inventory control, systematic audits of orders and receipts
  • Online visibility:  live visibility to inventory and all transactions

Call ITS and see how we can put our tools to work to make your job easier!

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