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E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-Commerce Fulfillment & Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

Economic conditions are accelerating the growth of e-commerce. Many organizations see an opportunity of appending their standard distribution channels with e-commerce, offering more merchandise via websites expending their online presence.

Our e-commerce order fulfillment services include:

  • E-commerce order processing and fulfillment
  • Same day shipping
  • Pick and pack
  • Strategic location in Reno, NV and Sparks, NV
  • Drop ship programs
  • Unique programs with small parcel carriers: ITS Logistics developed a program to minimize the cost and delivery time to your customer.


ITS Logistics offers e-commerce fulfillment to maintain high consumer satisfaction and minimize the time to get the product into your customer hands:

  • Order management and live visibility to order processing
  • High degree of Integration with order management and status updates
  • Returns management
  • Increased customer satisfaction by delivering orders on time
  • Customer notification
  • Catalog fulfillment

Literature and Promotional Material Fulfillment

ITS Logistics offers a turnkey solution for promotional and literature distribution and fulfillment. We can create various promotional kits including:

  • Product samples
  • CD/DVD
  • Letters
  • Posters

Online retail is the fastest growing sales channel in the sporting goods industry!
There is no surprise you can buy anything online these days.Take your local brand
globally with e-commerce solutions and strengthen your brand with e-commerce
fulfillment. ITS Logistics offers e-commerce fulfillment designed to minimize the time
to get the product into your customers' hands:

  • End-to-end operations support from the order placement to order delivery and returns
  • Seamless order management from webstore, payment processing, to fulfillment, shipping and returns
  • Real time of feed based integration with order management systems
  • Live interaction with inventory management system for instant in stock/out of stock feedback
  • Customized shipping programs to minimize the shipping cost for better customer experience
  • Order and shipping confirmation emails
  • International shipping
  • Multichannel fulfillment:
    • Ship to store
    • In store pick up
    • Direct to consumer
  • Branded packaging
  • Product customization:
    • Build your own product assembly
    • Gift wrapping
  • Shipping Performance: all orders scanned to provide near 100% shipping accuracy
  • Same day shipping
  • Real time visibility to all transactions and inventory
  • Integration to remote ERP systems
  • Other services: quality testing, warranty processing

E-Commerce Platform for B2B and B2C provided by Shopatron

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